The Stranger - erotic short story
The Stranger - erotic short story

The Stranger - erotic short story

Erotica, sex, desire, lust, passion, excitement, fantasy, horny, short story

This is an erotic short story about a woman who doesn't want to go out for dinner, she wants to be fucked.

"He locks the door behind them, grabs her waist and pulls her close. He moves his hand along the inside of her thigh, and it's all it takes for her to be ready. She pulls up her skirt, pulls down her stockings and lets him bend her forward over the sink. He grabs her buttocks, moves two fingers along her labia, back and forth towards her clitoris. The sensation spreads throughout her body like fire."

When a new bar opens in her neighbourhood, she has to go there, and her passion is immediately brought back to life by a stranger in a suit. Her senses are tickled by the familiar scent of sandalwood and olive, and her world is covered in a pink haze. To go to the bar and flirt with the stranger instead of going home to her husband becomes an addiction.

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